SKIUSA is the new division of TTW Group – a collection of travel companies that includes SKIBrasil, SKIUSA, SKIAmerica and Selections that specializes in experiential vacations.

For more than 20 years, TTW Group companies have provided the best in personalized skiing experiences for individuals, families, beginners and enthusiastic experts, working with high-quality resorts known for their five-star service and exclusive locations offering unique scenarios.

As part of our dedication to innovation, offers live, multilingual telephone service for those who wish to speak with someone day or night, an element that makes us unique among ski operators.

“The trip does not start alone at the airline or check-in at the hotel and does not end on the last day of the trip when you return home,” says TTW Group founder Eduardo Gaz. “It begins when someone has the first spark of an idea about where they want to go and lives through their memories, images, stories and bragging rights. Our goal is to make the experience impeccable.”

To this day, TTW Group has been designed to generate satisfaction of desires every step of the way – from the ease with which one can navigate the website to the trust of our customers feel knowing that their trips are planned by an organization that counts the Ritz Carlton Group STARS, The Dorchester Collection Diamond Club and the Belmond (former Orient Express’) Bellini Group among its collaborators.

“Our clients look for something beyond,” says Eduardo. “We are in the business of having the intelligence and the means to give it to you.”


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