Arakur Ushuaia

Ushuaia | Argentina

The southernmost city on the planet, Ushuaia, in Argentine Patagonia, impacts the visitor with extreme landscapes that are truly stunning. Next to the city and surrounding is the Cerro de Alarkén NaturalReserve and the hotel is within the reserve, very close to the summit of the Alarkén hill. Faced with the magnitude of nature seen there, the architects were inspired and made the Arakur a kind of monument to sustainability. Thus, the combination of form and utility translates into sophistication and respect for the environment. The hotel is on a hillside with a privileged view of the Beagle Channel, the bay and the city of Ushuaia through its large windows that showcase the beauty of the region. There are 66 double rooms, 7 suites and 1 Imperial suite that give the feeling of floating on the bay.


Fitness Center
Indoor Pool
Lap Pool
Movie Theater